System Features

The features of Carpet Cleaner Software which will help you manage your business easily and help you provide fast and quality service to your customers.

  • Computer CRM Software for Windows

    Everything from management of orders to be delivered and received to service personnel collection management, from staff payroll, advanced payment and leave days to preliminary accounting; from stock and revenue tracking to detailed report and analyzes can you find are in this program.

  • Website

    You will own your own website which would reflect your corporate identity and you can accept online orders and offer your costumers an opportunity to track order status. Moreover, you can view online orders you receive simultaneously by your computer program.

  • Setup and Instruction

    You won’t need any backup when you are installing the system on either your PC or your mobile device. You can access the documents about use of the system and training videos any time you wish in the program.

  • Mobile Handheld Terminal

    Expensive and slow handheld terminals and POS terminals are now obsolete. You can perform all your field operations by using your existing Android and Ios phones without making any more investment. All your devices you use will be synchronized with your main computer every second.

  • Receipt and Label Printing

    With only one touch can you print the receipt with your company logo and information about received/delivered product on while you are receiving products from or delivering products to your costumers and give the receipt to your costumers.

  • Support

    You can receive all updates and support service for free. Whenever a new update is available, your software will be automatically updated.

Simple Interface & Strong Infrastructure

You can manage orders to be delivered and/or received, costumer management, revenue changes, preliminary accounting and personnel operations in only one program: NegroPos CRM for Carpet Cleaners. The program has a strong infrastructure and a basic and user-friendly interface with the aim of making you adapt to the system easily without any training.

Benefits of the System

  • Receiving & Delivering

    You can pick up the carpets from the door, deliver and make collections. Are you planning to give a receipt? The receipt is ready in a few seconds with the help of your terminal on your waist.

  • Business Management

    It is easy to operate your business with detailed reports and statistics. Moreover, you can easily follow the operations of revenues, expenses and personnel by NegroPos Carpet Cleaners Software.

  • Receipt and Label Printing

    You can either use your waist printing terminal with Bluetooth to print receipts while you are picking up or delivering the carpets at the door or use label printer in the car to automatically print the labels and staple them on the carpets.

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